Incisive Edge

Incisive Edge is an award winning marketing agency specialising in inbound and Account Based Marketing for Business to Business (B2B) Tech companies. Incisive Edge delivers data-driven growth with a tangible focus on increasing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs), conversions and significantly higher Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)/ Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

Incisive Sho Flo

Sho is a fund raising management platform for tech firms seeking to keep control of their sensitive information and key contacts across the complex and exhaustive process of investment raising. It allows for companies to manage their information rights, share-holder access, easily engage with new potential investors and integrate with other fund raising platforms as desired from a single view. Sho Flo also offers the ability to interact with a premium community of curated & proven technology investors who manage their interests and request deal flow on the platform.

Incisive Estates

Incisive Estates is a leading real estate development management business specialising in significant UK centric residential & student accommodation schemes. We strategically identify, acquire and develop sites that create opportunity & deliver value for both our investment partners & for local communities.

Incisive Group

Incisive Group is a privately owned group of companies which lead within niche sectors in the global technology, investment and real estate industries. Incisive Group are trusted by some of the world’s most prolific businesses and specialise in delivering tangible value for clients, partners and investors alike. Incisive Group is expert in delivering both rapid growth and sustainable returns.


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Incisive Quantum

Incisive Quantum is an award winning and highly innovative fintech solutions creator using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning to deliver disruptive software products into the market place for our clients.Incisive Quantum specialises in optimising performance within commercial niches to drive cross-industry efficiencies and advantages. Incisive Quantum operates within the arenas of data management, payments and cash management.

Incisive Capital

Incisive Capital provides access to capital for high-growth & high-return businesses in technology related sectors. Incisive Capital enables deals across the investment spectrum, scale defined only by the growth objectives, requirements & aspiration of the investee business.

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